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Clean electricity for your company at the same price as dirty energy

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Why choose Squeaky?

  • 100% Squeaky clean, British energy
  • Pay no more than dirty energy
  • Supports local community projects
  • Guaranteed supply
  • Fixed contract for one or two years (it’s up to you)
  • Free advanced meter installation (so your bill is always spot-on)
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Frequently asked questions

  • The switching process is covered by a set of standard industry protocols that we will manage on your behalf, and keep you informed of our progress.

  • It usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks to switch supplier.

  • No, switching supplier doesn’t impact the supply of electricity to your premises. The main thing to remember when switching your energy is to contract with your new supplier as early as possible. This will allow time for your old supplier to raise any concerns as in rare cases, a previous supplier will object to the transfer. A typical reason for this is if you have an outstanding balance with them or are still bound by contract.

  • Yes, if you don’t have an advanced meter we will install one at our cost. They allow for digital, remote meter reads that allow us to get an accurate and timely look at your consumption for accurate billing.

  • We may be a new company but you can have complete faith in our ability to supply. Our electricity supply is secured via Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has an A- credit rating – better than British Gas or Npower.

  • We’ve chosen to focus on electricity as it’s possible to supply 100% renewable electricity at scale to thousands of businesses. There isn’t much ‘Green Gas’ in the UK compared to electricity and we want to be ‘Squeaky Clean’ with our approach of always providing 100% British renewables.

  • Sometimes the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Squeaky guarantees to top up supply with alternative renewable electricity from equivalent sources if the specific generators you are buying from can't generate. This way you will always be supplied with electricity whatever the weather.

  • We believe that clean energy doesn't have to cost more. Buying electricity directly from renewable generators delivers a better deal for the generator and your business.