An experienced team with a new idea to make energy fairer for businesses.

An experienced team

In 2007, we had a big idea that changed the way many large corporates buy electricity. We now want to make this way of buying open to all businesses and we’ve started Squeaky to make this possible.

  • Chris Bowden
    Chris Bowden Managing Director

  • Justin Stokes
    Justin Stokes Commercial Director

  • Adam Belson
    Adam Belson Technical Director

  • Chris Sutehall
    Chris Sutehall Operation Director

  • Sarah Peteranna
    Sarah Peteranna Strategic Alliance Manager

  • Kate Bursey
    Kate Bursey HR Director

  • Glyn Britton
    Glyn Britton Advisor

  • Nicole Green
    Nicole Green PR Consultant

  • Lucia McGuinness
    Lucia McGuinness Brand Consultant

We're changing the future of energy supply

Want to join us?

Our powerful new idea

The business energy market is broken. We’re on a mission to fix it.

We believe that clean energy doesn't have to cost more.That’s why we provide the platform for growing businesses to buy direct from generators in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Buying electricity directly from renewable generators delivers a better deal for the generator and for growing businesses.

Squeaky clean energy, for the same price as dirty energy.

Our strengths

Squeaky’s electricity supply contracts are secured via the largest renewable generator in Europe. That way if your chosen generator(s) isn’t producing electricity the supply will be topped up with 100% clean energy from other generators across the UK. They have one of the strongest balance sheets in Europe and are rated A- by Standard and Poor’s, which is the highest of any supplier in the UK and higher than British Gas or Npower. This makes Squeaky one of the safest suppliers in the market.

For generators we also insure the payment risk through the largest payment insurance company in Europe who are rated AA- by Standard and Poor’s, so if the buyer fails to pay then we’ll step in to cover the shortfall whilst we find another buyer.

How we are regulated

UK electricity companies are carefully regulated by Ofgem to ensure that the retail market works in the interests of consumers. They do this by monitoring the market and, where necessary, taking action to strengthen competition or enforce the rules with which suppliers must comply.

Although it’s ultimately the generator(s) that supply our customers with electricity Squeaky is the licenced supplier and is responsible for all the arrangements needed to register your meter and bill you.

One thing Squeaky and Ofgem have in common is striving for transparency and fairness in the way the energy market works and to champion the cause of growing businesses.
Squeaky has also chosen to become a B-Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.