Deemed Rates for Non-Half Hourly and Half Hourly

Our Deemed Rates apply when an active contact isn’t in place with Squeaky.  These are typically caused by:

• Moving into a new site previously supplied by Squeaky

• Coming to the end of an existing supply contract

• Breaching Squeaky’s Terms and Conditions

• The end of a Fixed Price Period

Deemed Rates are higher than our normal contact rates, so please feel free to get a new quote.

Please see section 21 of our Standard Business Supply Terms and Conditions for our Deemed Contract Terms and Conditions.

The Deemed Rates are effective the 26th June 2017, and are subject to change or withdrawal on 30 days’ written notice.  All prices are excluding VAT and CCL which will be charged at the prevailing rate applicable to your business.

Non-Half Hourly Rates

For Profile Classes 02-04, the Standing Charge is 55p/day, and the Unit Rate is 22 p/kWh

For Profile Classes 05-08*, the Standing Charge is 90p/day, and the Unit Rate is 22 p/kWh

*Under P272 Profile Class 5 -8 meters are required to be HH settled. If your meter moves to being HH settled the HH Deemed Rates will apply.

Half Hourly Rates

The Half Hourly Deemed Rates are outlined below. All prices shown exclude VAT and  CCL.

- The Energy Day Rate (07:30 to 24:00) is 21p/KWh

- The Energy Night Rate (00:00 to 7:30) is 12p/KWh

- The Standing Charge is 11000 (p/Day)