How can Squeaky guarantee supply?

It’s not always windy, is it? And, even on the sultriest summer day, the sun doesn't shine at night.

Electricity day or night, even when the sun doesn't shine
Electricity day or night, even when the sun doesn't shine

These are legitimate questions, after all, there is no point in building a platform to connect businesses with generators if it only works when the weather is convenient - so let’s clear them up.

Squeaky has exclusive access to one of the largest portfolios of solar, wind and biomass energy in the UK. If the chosen regional generator is not generating for any reason – no wind, for instance – then we will source electricity from another clean energy generator in the portfolio. This occurs seamlessly and without any inconvenience. Guaranteed.

The inconsistency of weather patterns is not the only concern growing businesses have about their energy supply. Customers need to be absolutely confident that nothing can interfere with that supply or the energy contract that has been agreed. If you’ve been following news stories in the energy sector you’ll know that some of the smaller, independent power supply companies have collapsed, leaving customers hanging, with contracts that no longer apply and heaps of inconvenience. No one running a growing business has time for that.

There is a range of quite complicated reasons that these smaller suppliers are vulnerable. It’s difficult for small, independent players to have adequate resources on tap to cope with the volatile wholesale dirty energy market. The weaker pound is also affecting pricing at the moment, leaving those without large cash reserves with a headache.

This is exactly why Squeaky operates using a totally different model. Our underlying credit is supported directly by Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has one of the highest credit ratings in the market - higher than British Gas or Npower. We’re also immune to price fluctuations for dirty energy, since we supply 100% clean energy.

Squeaky has the best ratings in the market

Yes, Squeaky is a new company but everything we do springs from our teams decades of experience in the energy market. We know that energy supply is critical to a growing business and that, quite rightly, it is not something worth taking a chance on.

100% clean energy, you can count on it.