The business energy market is broken. We’re on a mission to fix it.

Low costs and fair prices

  • You’re buying direct from the source, cutting out the middleman.

    You don’t have to buy electricity from a faceless, fossil fuel-generating giant and also fund their profits. You can buy directly from a clean energy generator in your own local area.

  • We don’t charge a premium for clean energy, unlike some other suppliers.

    Most suppliers charge extra for green electricity. There is no valid reason for this if you buy directly from the generator.

  • Renewable energy is getting cheaper.

    Many people think clean energy is more expensive than dirty energy. Not true! The cost of generating renewable energy has been falling in recent years and is now lower than new fossil fuel generation.

Guaranteed supply and low risk

  • Our supply is secured via Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy.

    We may be a new company but you can have complete faith in our ability to supply. Our electricity supply is secured via Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has an A- credit rating – better than British Gas or Npower.

  • Lots and lots of 100% renewable British electricity.

    We have access to one of the largest portfolios of solar, wind and biomass energy in the UK. We don’t need to import electricity from overseas like some of our competitors.

  • There’ll always be electricity, come rain or shine.

    If your chosen regional generator is not generating for any reason (maybe the wind isn’t blowing), we will source electricity from another clean energy generator, seamlessly.

Doing business in a fair and transparent way

  • Buy direct or through a broker.

    We can connect you with your choice of generator, or you can use a broker. But it won’t be the usual bad experience, no hidden commissions. Squeaky clean brokers are approved by us and will not rip you off.

  • Compare prices from other suppliers.

    The energy industry has got a poor reputation, and rightly so. Opaque practices leave customers unsure if they’ve got a good deal. Please go ahead and compare our prices with the Big 6 - we’ll beat any of their published tariffs for business electricity.

  • We are a B Corp (the Fairtrade mark for companies)

    The energy market is broken. We’re on a mission to fix it. We believe in fairness, transparency and doing business with decency. We became a B Corp as a commitment to those values.

Good for your business, your community, your planet

  • Make employees proud and attract new talent.

    People who work for your business will be proud their employer uses clean energy and is doing the right thing for the environment. New talent is attracted to companies that reflect their own values.

  • Support your local businesses and community.

    When you connect with a regional energy generator, you also connect with the local community initiatives they routinely support. We’re also creating hubs of local customer service employees, who can work flexible hours, helping you solve any issues swiftly.

  • A healthier planet. Obviously.

    Using clean energy is simply the right thing to do for the planet. A typical small business creates 9000kg of C02 in a year if they buy dirty energy and zero if its Squeaky clean. Be part of the solution.