9th July 2018

1. People want to feel good about the companies they do business with

Sustainability gives businesses a competitive advantage.

When faced with a choice between similar brands or business offerings, customers increasingly choose those with sustainability and ethical credentials.

A recent study [1] by consumer goods giant, Unilever, found that a third of shoppers globally are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. The same report found that more than half (53%) of U.K. shoppers say they feel better when they buy products that are sustainably produced. This is especially true of the younger generation who actively seek out brands and businesses that align with their values, and are seen to be doing the right thing

2. Attract and retain talented staff

There are few things more beneficial to morale than enabling a team to feel proud of the company they work for. Increasingly, people are seeking to work for companies that reflect their own values. [2] A global study [3] found that 62% of people would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if the salary would be less than at other companies.

By using clean energy you’re making a statement about your business and what it stands for. Give your staff something to shout about, they will become powerful advocates for your business.

3. Being part of a movement is powerful

The era of corporations integrating sustainable practices is being surpassed by a new age of corporations actively transforming the market to make it more sustainable. Today, more than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company’s success, and those companies that develop sustainability strategies, market sustainable products and services, and publish sustainability reports for consumers, investors, activists, and the public at large will be the winners in the 21st Century.

4. Be at the forefront of a better future

Being part of the solution for our embattled planet matters. You might feel that it’s only what governments and giant corporations do that really count but actually, being a leader in your own community is a vital part of making the planet healthier.

Lead by example; be living proof that buying clean energy is the right thing to do, and that businesses that do good, do well. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. For example, the top brands in Havas Media’s annual Meaningful Brands research [4] have outperformed the stock market by 206% over a 10-year period.

5. You could even save money

Several of the previously mentioned benefits are so valuable they might even make paying more for clean energy seem worth it. But you don’t have to!

It’s a common misconception that clean energy costs more than dirty energy. The fact is, the cost of generating renewable energy is falling every year. Clean energy really doesn’t cost much more than dirty energy and

quite often its even cheaper.. Buying directly from renewable generators is efficient and cost-effective, moreover, everyone gets a fair deal.

Sources:[1] Unilever report

[2] Bain employee survey

[3] Cone CSR study 2015

[4] Havas Meaningful Brands 2017

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