9th June 2018

Energy companies frequently promote their renewable tariffs under an eco-friendly banner, with terms like Renewable, Green, and Low Carbon used interchangeably.

Colourful graphics representing solar, wind or hydro generation add further to the impression that this is all about green, sustainable, sources.

The reality is that these products often incorporate energy from ‘dirty’ sources or combine certificates with other sources of energy. For example:

· Biomass, which typically means burning imported wood pellets, as highlighted in a recent Channel 4 documentary, is touted as clean

  • Incinerating household or farm waste

  • Energy certificates imported from other parts of Europe, (which undermines the development of UK clean energy)

  • And worst of all and most common suppliers buy REGOS and combine it with electricity generated from coal and gas

Widely encouraged and subsidised by European Governments (including ours), burning biomass for energy has become very popular. This is despite a multitude of studies demonstrating that these practices are even more environmentally damaging than burning coal.

Coupled with the deforestation required to produce the pellets in the first place and the oil-fuelled ships used to get them here, this is a far from ‘clean’ source of energy.

Squeaky's energy, however, is only derived from natural, non-polluting, UK resources that can be replenished in a short time scale, such as wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal and hydropower.

This is genuine clean, 100% green energy, with no exceptions and no hidden dirty sources.

Go beyond renewable, go clean!

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