9th July 2018

How does Squeaky guarantee supply of clean energy?

It’s not always windy. And even on the brightest summer days, night arrives and the sun will go down.

So, how can a clean energy supplier promise to keep the lights on?

After all, there is no point in building a platform to connect businesses with generators if it only works when conditions are favourable.

For Squeaky this isn’t a problem.

We have access to one of the largest portfolios of clean energy in the UK. So, if one of our regional generators is not generating for any reason – no wind, for instance – then we will source electricity from another generator in the portfolio. This occurs seamlessly and without any inconvenience to the customer. Guaranteed.

How does Squeaky deal with wholesale market risk

For clean energy suppliers, inconsistent weather patterns are not the only concern. If you’ve been following news stories in the energy sector you’ll know that a number of smaller independent suppliers have collapsed, leaving their customers in limbo with invalidated contracts.

There are key reasons why these smaller suppliers can be left vulnerable:

  • It’s difficult for independent suppliers to have adequate resources on tap to cope with the volatile wholesale market.

  • As the supplier grows it needs even more cash reserves to keep pace with this growth.

This is why Squeaky operates a different model.

Our underlying wholesale supply is guaranteed directly by Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has one of the highest credit ratings in the market - higher than British Gas or Npower.

Squeaky is a new company, but everything we do springs from decades of experience in the energy market. We know that energy supply is critical to a business and can never be risked.

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