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Squeaky clean electricity, designed for business

Fixed and flexible 100% clean electricity supply contracts for between 1-10 years

Five reasons to switch to Squeaky Supply

1. Make your business more sustainable

Switching to clean energy is the second most impactful change you can make to to reduce your carbon emissions. (The first is to cut your energy usage.)

2. Even better than renewable

Already on a renewable tariff? Take the next step. Squeaky clean electricity doesn’t use biomass, which can be more polluting than coal.

3. A range of supply options

Squeaky offer a range of market competitive fixed price and flexible purchasing contracts to you enable to manage your energy price risk in a way that suits you. From 100% fixed price through to pass through contracts, Squeaky can meet your buying objectives.

4. Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA)

Squeaky’s supply contracts are designed to make it easy and cost effective for any organisation to buy energy using a CPPA

5. We’re a B Corp

That means we’ve been certified for doing business in a fair and ethical way, doing our bit to clean up the energy industry’s behaviour.

We’re financially sustainable too

We’re powered by Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has an A- credit rating; better than British Gas or Npower.

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No risk of being cut off
Your supply will never be interrupted when switching to Squeaky.
We'll manage your switch
Our team will manage the switch for you and keep you informed by email.
Great customer service
You get a dedicated customer service team member you can call with any questions.