Fuel Mix Disclosure

Our 100% clean energy mix

Our fuel mix is 100% clean energy, we only provide electricity which is generated by the force of the wind, the power of water and the rays of the sun. This fuel mix information is provided to meet the Electricity Licence Condition 21 and covers the period between the 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018.

Squeaky Clean Energy UK average for comparison
Coal 0.0% 7.6%
Natural Gas 0.0% 41.2%
Nuclear 0.0% 20.0%
Renewables 100.0% 29.0%
Other 0.0% 2.1%
TOTAL 100.0% 100.0%

Renewable doesn’t mean clean

But wait a moment! Renewable is not always what it seems.

Contrary to popular belief renewable energy doesn’t mean energy from sources which are non-polluting, sustainable or carbon neutral. In fact, many energy providers use ‘renewable’ to describe energy from ‘dirty’ sources including biomass, which involves burning wood or waste and which releases both solid carbon particulates and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). So before switching we do recommend to check the breakdown of their fuel mix to see how “green” they really are!

Check out our blog post on Renewable energy’s dirty secret to find out more.

No environmental impact

Squeaky clean energy has no impact on the environment with no carbon emissions and no high level radioactive waste emissions. None. That is because we only source energy from solar, wind and hydro.

Squeaky Clean Energy UK average for comparison
Carbon emissions (g/kWh) 0 225
High level radioactive waste emissions (g/kWh) 0 0.007

The national average, for comparison, of fuel mix emits 257 g of Carbon per kWh and 0.007 g per kWh of high level of radioactive waste. Not what we should be adding into the air we breathe!

Local generators

At Squeaky we have access to one of the largest UK’s portfolios of solar, wind and hydro electricity. These farms dotted around the country are ready to supply clean energy to growing businesses at a competitive price. They may even be one just down the road from you.

Find out more about our generators

Clean energy for growing businesses

Squeaky is for businesses that want to make a difference and be proud of running on clean energy. Marking yourself out as a business that cares increases loyalty both from staff and from your customers.

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