29th June

You’re happy with your new quote, you’re inside your switching window, you’ve given notice to your existing energy supplier, but then what? The switching process can be a bit cloak and dagger, so most people don’t have much idea what to expect.

What you can expect

  1. Absolutely zero risk of getting cut off. No-one will come and tamper with your meter or disconnect any wires. On your switch date, a switch will be snapped and hey presto, you’re done.
  2. Confirmation of the switch. You will be sent confirmation of your live date by your new supplier, either by email or post.
  3. First Invoice. Shortly after, you’ll receive your first invoice which will tell you when your first payment will be taken.

What you should do

  1. Sign your new contract. Hopefully you can do this online, but a few old school suppliers will have you do this on actual parchment
  2. Set up a new direct debit. Action this once you’ve received your first invoice. You often get a discount for paying by DD.
  3. Clear any debt with your old provider. If you owe them dough, they’ll probably say no, (although your energy supply won’t be interrupted in any case).
  4. Cancel your direct debit with your old supplier. Do this when the final invoice is settled. In all honesty your old supplier should do this, but pays to be safe.
  5. Provide first meter reading on your switch date. You should receive a prompt by email.

Of course, this is how we handle the switch at Squeaky. While we've tried to make this advice as general as possible, other providers may have different processes, and preferred methods of communication.

For more info on switching, please see our master guide on how to switch.

Any questions?

Just call the Squeaky customer service on 0203 907 8446 or tweet us at @Squeaky_Energy.

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