28th June

Customer numbers, reference numbers, account numbers, invoice numbers… You don’t want any more numbers; we hear you. What is a MPAN anyway, and where on earth might you find yours?

What is an MPAN?

It stands for Meter Point Administration Number. It is a number that should appear on your bill, and identifies your unique electricity supply.

(If you have more than one electricity meter you could have more than one MPAN but we’ll come back to that).

You’ll need your MPAN if…

  • You plan to switch energy suppliers
  • Your contract has expired and you’ve moved on to a more costly rate
  • You’ve moved to a new property
  • You’re looking for a cleaner energy solution

How to identify your MPAN

  • On your bill this can be called an MPAN, Supply Number, or Electricity Supply Number.
  • It’s 21 digits and is often prefixed with the letter S
  • The number can be broken down into six or seven boxed sections like a grid. You don't really need to know what these mean, just the 21-digit number. If you're interested, here's the Wikipedia entry

Here’s what you should be looking for: MPAN number on bill

Got Multiple MPANs?

This really only happens when two properties have been converted into one, or in rural areas where two different heating systems are needed.

Having more than one MPAN means that your meters might need reading on different dates. If you do want to switch you may need to supply both, probably over the phone.

If it’s not clear on your bill which is the number you need, speak to your energy distributor. You should find their details written near the meter.

Still got questions?

You can always call Squeaky customer service on 0203 907 8446 or tweet us at @Squeaky_Energy.

Or for more information on how to switch, see our step-by-step guide.

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