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16th July

Andy had no idea he would still be at Bourne Road Garage 40 years on, but a family owned business is pretty hard to say goodbye to when it feels like home (the Squeaky team certainly felt the ‘BRG’ love when we did the shoot for this blog).

Andy is involved in many aspects of the business. As Managing Director, he looks after HR, premise management and legal (all of the the important stuff). A self proclaimed ‘facilitator’, he makes sure the garage runs like clockwork so the 26 members of staff can get on with what they do best.

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When it comes to energy, Andy is a bit of an oracle in the garage. His knowledge of the market is envyable by anyone who is trying to get their head around switching supplier (huh?), even his colleagues ask him for tips and tricks about energy for their home (you might say he knows as much about energy as Martin Lewis).

“I’ve worked in the business for a long time, so I treat it as if it was my own money. When it comes to business, people just go with whoever’s easier.”

Bourne Road Garage has been going strong since 1935 and they’ve been trading Mazdas since 1972 (it’s the oldest dealership in the UK!). There are not many family run dealerships left, which makes the garage even more special.

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So why Mazda? One of the reasons for flying the flag is because of their innovative clean technology. Mazda’s internal combustion engines have been claimed to offer efficiency that total the CO2 output on par with an electric vehicle (sounds complicated!).

“Just as people think renewable always equals ‘clean’, electric cars are not always as clean as people think.”

There’s an ongoing debate about whether batteries or combustion engines are better for the environment. Today, batteries tend to receive charge from gas or coal power sources, while combustion (fuel powered) engines incorporate boosted thermal efficiency to save energy.

Like many garages (and larger commercial buildings) that need more electricity, they have a three phase supply that powers the machinery needed to support heavy loads. The technicians definitely place a lot of value on energy to do their job. “If we had a power cut then cars would be stuck in the air!”.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect a car garage to care so much about the environment, but it’s really important for Bourne Road Garage to be as ‘squeaky clean’ as they can be. They recently switched over to LED lighting in an attempt to save energy and money, and they take recycling pretty seriously too - parts, cardboard, the lot! Not to mention switching to a clean energy supplier of course.

“We are in the car business, people think our industry produces ‘dirt’, so anything taking us in the opposite direction helps.”

These days customers expect businesses to be operating more sustainably – and for garages held back by regulation and a ‘dirty’ image – switching to clean energy can give them a competitive edge. Recent research reveals that nearly half of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Businesses that go green can boost sales and customer loyalty, as well as help the planet. It sounds like a no brainer.

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Oh, and we forgot to mention the benefits of boosting staff morale. “There is also an intangible element to using clean energy it, sort of a psychological "lift" for staff too, it shows we care, which we do.” said Andy.

The Squeaky Factor

Andy has dealt with lots of suppliers over the years and great service is just as important to him as clean energy and value for money. “Yes, we are a business, and saving money is important, but it isn't the ONLY thing, it's the whole package that counts.” Like many small businesses, he has been stung by terrible customer service in the past so we’re glad that Squeaky could provide the personal service he’s looking for.

“Smaller businesses tend to be forgotten. Squeaky offer that personal touch. I wish they did the water industry.”

Squeaky help businesses (like garages) feel good about their energy supply. Why not start implementing clean practices in your business and see how much you could save. Get a quote with Squeaky today (it’s super easy).

Or if you’d prefer to discuss this with a Squeaker (our super helpful and friendly customer service team) drop us a line at or call us on 0345 504 6309 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm).

Check out Bourne Road Garage’s website here.

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