The future of energy, now

The smartest, most efficient way for your business to buy, sell and use clean UK-generated energy.

Get clean power, faster

Squeaky smashes the barriers preventing organisations like yours using more clean energy. 

We’re the pioneers of flexible energy supply and corporate PPAs.

Our digital clean energy supply platform, EOS, gives our customers greater transparency and control over how they source and use energy.

So you can make smart decisions, fast. Cutting operating costs and unlocking value.

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Three reasons to choose Squeaky

The only digital energy supplier for I&C customers

Buy direct

With Squeaky, industrial, commercial and public sector customers can buy direct from 100% clean UK power generators, via our flex contracts and PPAs.

Smarter tariffs

We’re the only I&C energy supplier to offer tailored, flexible, ‘time of use’ tariffs’ – so you can shift your energy usage to when power is cheaper.

Transparent billing

Our digital energy platform, EOS, is designed specifically for flexible energy contracts. So you can see exactly how and why your bill changes over time.

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