Senior Team

Chris Bowden

Managing Director

Justin Stokes

Commercial Director

Richard Tomlinson


John Roundell

Finance Director

Susannah Franks

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Alfredo Huertas

Our values

Our ambition is to empower customers to detox the energy system and to accelerate the world’s transition to clean power.

In a stagnant and complacent energy supply market, we have the capabilities to make a transformative difference.

While many traditional suppliers continue their historic reliance on fossil fuels and show little appetite for innovation, Squeaky is a supplier entirely focused on clean energy, with no historic, current, or future links to fossil fuels.

Working together with business customers, we can help accelerate the world’s transition to 100% clean energy.

We are transparent and open about information that many energy companies try to hide

The UK’s only B-Corp certified I&C electricity supplier

Squeaky is the only PPA marketplace and I&C electricity supplier with B-Corp status: the sole certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

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