This fuel mix information is provided to meet the Electricity Licence Condition 21 and covers the period between the 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022.

Energy SourceSqueaky Clean EnergyUK average for comparison
Natural Gas0.0%38.5%

The environmental impact of the electricity supplied is as set out in the table below.

Environmental impactSqueaky Clean EnergyUK average for comparison
Carbon emissions (g/kWh)0198
High level radioactive waste emissions (g/kWh)00.007

Squeaky customers are supplied with electricity under the licence Squeaky Clean Energy Limited.

Clean energy for corporates

In 2021 we produced a detailed guide to Fuel Mix Disclosures
to help organisations dig deeper into their energy supply.
It includes comparison data for all key UK I&C suppliers and
is free to download using the button below.

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