This fuel mix information is provided to meet the Electricity Licence Condition 21 and covers the period between the 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023.

The table below shows the fuel sources for the electricity supplied by Squeaky in the latest reporting period compared to the UK national average for the same period.

Energy SourceSqueaky Clean EnergyUK average for comparison
Natural Gas0.0%39.3%

The environmental impact of the electricity supplied is as set out in the table below.

Environmental impactSqueaky Clean EnergyUK average for comparison
Carbon emissions (g/kWh)0186
High level radioactive waste emissions (g/kWh)00.007

Squeaky customers are supplied with electricity under the licence Squeaky Clean Energy Limited.

Clean energy for corporates

In 2021 we produced a detailed guide to Fuel Mix Disclosures to help organisations dig deeper into their energy supply. It includes comparison data for all key UK I&C suppliers and is free to download using the button below.