We’re the pioneers of flexible energy supply and corporate PPAs.

For over 20 years we’ve been helping our customers buy, sell and use clean energy in the most efficient way.

In fact, our team was behind Europe’s first Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) back in 2008. We’ve gone on to arrange and transact CPPAs for scores of businesses and public sector organisations of all sizes.

Now we’ve built the world’s first digital clean energy platform – EOS – bringing together a unique contractual framework with optimised risk management and intuitive software.

Giving our customers greater transparency and control over how you source and use energy.

Powered by EOS
The smartest, most efficient way for your business to buy, sell and use clean UK-generated energy.

Three reasons to choose Squeaky


We are accelerating the transition to clean energy

There is already abundant clean energy from wind and solar but integrating this into supply is complex. By de-risking and simplifying the exclusive use of renewables, we are accelerating the transition to clean energy.


We’ve built the world’s first clean energy digital supply platform

EOS brings together pricing, transaction management, billing, reconciliation, forecasting and 24/7 consumption analytics into one place. Giving businesses ease. reliability, transparency and useful data.


We’re making clean energy the smart commercial choice

With a streamlined process of buying direct from generators, a tailored supply product for your unique requirements  and the ability to trade surplus energy, Squeaky makes renewable UK-generated energy the smart commercial choice.

Buy clean power the way you want

Clean UK energy

Our clean energy is traceable to solar, wind or hydro generators.

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Streamlined PPAs

Our super-simple PPAs make it quick and easy to fix your power needs for up to 15 years in advance. Or, if you have PPAs already, we can integrate them into your supply with our portfolio of clean energy to help you hit your net zero targets earlier.

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