We’ve built the world’s first digital supply platform for clean energy.

Our clean energy digital supply platform, EOS, brings together a super-simple contractual framework with powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities. Giving our customers greater transparency and control over how they source, use and pay for energy.

EOS, brings together pricing, transaction management, dynamic billing and reconciliation plus 24/7 consumption and cost analytics into one place. And quickly integrates different renewable resources.

So you can actively monitor and manage your energy costs. And then make smart decisions, fast. Cutting operating costs and unlocking value.

Supplying totally reliable, 100% wind, solar and hydro electricity. All UK generated. All backed by REGOS.

Our supply platform can accelerate your company’s transition to clean energy.

Squeaky, powered by EOS
The efficient, dynamic, reliable and cheaper way to access 100% clean UK energy.

ML-powered I&C energy billing that just works

Smart reconciliations

Easily follow how your bill changes from original statement to final settlement. Track changes to each individual volume or rate

Transparent data

Our EOS billing system is in the cloud – so you see exactly the same data we do. And our customer service team is always on hand to help you make sense of it.

Fast & efficient

We use Machine Learning to speed up the verification of bills. So you’re never left waiting.