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A new kind of energy supplier

We want to make clean energy affordable for every UK business. That's why we're building a new kind of energy supplier, one that enables UK business customers to source clean energy from local solar, wind and hydro generators.

For organisations of all sizes

Smaller businesses, schools and churches

Owners, office managers and treasurers

Switch to Squeaky clean energy for your single NHH meter

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Larger businesses, schools and buying groups

Energy managers and ops-directors

Switch to Squeaky clean energy across your portfolio of sites, inc. HH meters

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Corporate businesses and councils

Energy buyers and CFOs

Manage your power price risk with our 5-15 year fixed price contracts

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For organisations of all sizes

Transparent fuel mix

Other suppliers hide 'dirty energy' in their renewable tarrifs - mainly biomass and nuclear

Our energy is 100% clean, meaning wind, solar and hydro only

Live quotes

Our quotes are based on live market prices and are valid for 48 hours (you can refresh as many times as you want)

Personalised product

Other suppliers have hundreds of confusing tarrifs

We have just one simple product - fixed price contracts with pricing personalised to your business

Check us out

We want you to read the stuff that most energy companies try to hide away.

Our team

Squeaky is a dedicated group of energy industry veterans, lovely service experts, crack software developers and customer-focussed designers working to build a better energy company for business customers.

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No risk of being cut off
Your supply will never be interrupted when switching to Squeaky.
We'll manage your switch
Our team will manage the switch for you and keep you informed by email.
Great customer service
You get a dedicated customer service team member you can call with any questions.