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Some of our Squeaky clean generators

Squeaky clean energy has no impact on the environment with no carbon emissions and no high level radioactive waste emissions. None. That is because we only source energy from solar, wind and hydro.
Wind farm banner
Stuartfield wind farm

Set in the easternmost point of mainland Scotland, Stuartfield Wind Farm makes the most of the wind coming in from the North Sea.

Wind Turbines
Mid Hill wind farm

Mid Hill Wind Farm is set in the beautiful Fetteresso Forest, south west of Aberdeen.

Windmill Sunflowers Banner
Rothes II wind farm

Rothes II is a wind farm with heart. Each year it allocates an amount of money to go to community projects which benefit the environment, local amenities or tourism.

Solar Farm Banner
Kernick and Trethosa 
solar farm

Kernick and Trethosa Solar Farm makes the most of the sunny Cornish days.

Sunny Day Banner
Pant Y Wal wind farm

Pant Y Wal is a Welsh wind farm. Since they started generated electricity they have contributed to the refurbishment of a playground for a local school.

Stragglethorpe wind farm image
Stragglethorpe solar farm

Stragglethorpe Solar Farm is set in the Nottinghamshire countryside. Since 2015, it captures the solar rays to generate up to 5MW.

There’s more

Contractually we can only show you a fraction of our generators. But we have access to the UK's largest portfolio of clean energy - enough to supply around 200,000 small businesses!

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