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Rothes II wind farm image

Universities strike collaborative clean energy deal to cut prices & cut emissions

PRESS RELEASE - October 2019 – In a UK first, twenty of the country’s leading universities have joined forces to strike a landmark renewable energy deal that will reduce both their bills and carbon footprints.

3rd October
City AM

Meet the serial entrepreneur building P2P energy company Squeaky

Squeaky offers clean energy at a low price, and at scale.

29th July
the telegraph

Chris Bowden launches clean energy venture to target SMEs

Squeaky will offer customers clean, renewable energy direct from British generators.

9th July

Can a UK startup persuade SMEs to buy green power?

By cutting out the middle men, in the shape of supply companies, Bowden says Squeaky can offer 100% clean power, without the customer having to pay a premium.

9th July
fast company

This startup lets small businesses buy all their power directly from wind and solar farms

When Google decided to shift to 100% renewable energy, it worked directly with wind and solar farms to sign deals. A new U.K.-based startup called Squeaky lets small businesses easily do the same thing at a smaller scale–business owners can choose a wind farm to support, and then start buying renewable electricity at the same price they were paying for energy from fossil fuels.

29th June